Two by Rosa Clara Cocktail Collection 2013

Aren’t these goodies absolutely breathtaking- There is something about the beauties spotted in the new Two by Rosa Clara collection 2013 that made our hearts go pitter-pat. What could it be- Well, maybe is the oh-so-beautiful color palette, the sensual necklines or the subtle pleats which follow the dreamy silhouette. Anyways, we must admit that the famous brand’s line features some achingly chic and elegant dresses that have all the right components for a traffic-stopping entrance.

Charming- Utterly alluring and incredibly sophisticated, the dresses in the Two collection are a true delight to the eye. Everyone adores Rosa Clara gowns due to their ethereal and otherworldly flare. There are so many beautiful designs appropriate for special occasions that require a particular etiquette. Different styles and colors, fabrics and cuts able to meet a wide range of sartorial needs.

Okay, so take a look at the incredibly stylish kaleidoscope of eye-catchers and choose one that suits you the most. There’s no doubt whatsoever that you’ll find a glamorous piece to get you noticed. The luxurious selection of dresses will undoubtedly make you feel like a celebrity walking on the red carpet. Trust us, regardless the design you pick, the va-va-va-voom effect is guaranteed. Just take a sneak peek at the label’s lookbook featuring model Barbara Palvin.

From sexy yet chic mini dresses to ground-skimming gowns, the brand has you covered this season. There is an amazing color palette including pale pink, nude, strawberry, red, but also emerald, gray, gold, silver, black, smoke, and amethyst, among others.

Dress like a star and get ready to win the spotlight! You can’t go wrong with Rosa Clara. The brand’s Two collection 2013 contains some super-appealing gowns oozing a magical elegance. If you’re ready for a brand new experience and want to wear something unique and attention-grabbing, this line is the answer. We’re head over heels with the impeccable silhouettes and delicate details that add a certain je ne sais quoi to the overall appearance.

Our ultimate crush- Everything emerald! Rosa Clara knows that green is one of the hottest colors this season so they use it for many of their 2013 models from the Two cocktail collection.

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