Fit Links: Fun Fitness Christmas Tree Ornaments And More

There are hundreds of wonderful sites on healthy living to be seen all over the blogosphere. Here at Fit Links, we’ll introduce you to some that have caught our eye.

Tired of the same old Christmas ornaments- Why not try sprucing up the tree by sporting your athletic achievements- A festive suggestion from Fit Bottom Girls: By hanging the medals you’ve earned over the years, you can proudly display your accolades instead of letting them collect dust in the attic.

Never been able to do a pull-up- You’re not alone. Lucky for us it’s the season of the New Year’s Resolution, so let this guide from Well + Good help you pull off (and up) your fitness goals for 2013.

If pull-ups aren’t your forte, maybe an ab workout is more your style. Let FitSugar spice up your normal sit-up routine with this collection of the best ab videos of the year.

To craft a well-rounded fitness routine, check out Jamie Galloway’s pillars of fitness in the slideshow below:

    3. Stamina

    Your stamina is dependent on how well your body delivers, stores and processes energy — basically, how long you can keep going at any given activity. Cardiovascular activities like running or cycling can improve your stamina. Try lowering your intensity level but increasing your time or distances.

  • 4. Flexibility

    Oh dear, range of motion. We all know the importance of stretching, but could we be doing it more consistently and regularly- I’m guessing yes. Static stretching, dynamic stretching and foam rolling should be built into your workout regimen if you want to improve your flexibility, which, of course, you do.

  • 6. Power

    Now, power and strength are a little different from one another. Think of power as how much you can lift <em>and</em> how quickly you can lift it. Power tends to involve more skill than pure strength alone. To work on your power output, look into trying your hand at Olympic and power lifting, but please make sure you get professional instruction and supervision.

  • 8. Balance

    Picture a gymnast on the high beam with both feet on the beam. How well they balance is defined by how well they can control their center of gravity over their base of support. Improved balance comes down to practice and concentration. Yoga is an excellent activity for those seeking better balance.

  • 10. Accuracy

    To be accurate, you need to control movement and its direction at varied levels of intensity. Think of boxers, archers, basketball and baseball players. All of them have a target of some description, and their success relies on hitting it. Repetition and form are key to improved accuracy, as is diversity of training. Boxers will train with a bag and a variety of sparring partners to improve reaction times and accuracy.

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