America Divided When It Comes To Health Care

Health CareWhen it comes to health care, America is divided into two. On the first division of America, health conditions are much worse because of infant mortality, sudden and unavoidable deaths of people and the costs of their health care. This was based on the study conducted by a firm known as the Commonwealth Fund.

This particular research firm provided a map showing the divisions. In the map, there were states which had poor health care systems. These were determined by several factors such as the number of adults who were insured, number of insured children, the accessibility of their health care. Those states with all these factors were colored with dark blue on the map which they created. Those with better health care systems had color white.

Their report also found that there are states which had far better access to health care, quality of health care services with affordable costs. The firm also stated that a wide spread within the geography will still continue. They also said that if those states with poor systems can fill in the gap from the top states, then a lot of lives can be saved because of better health care.

Early deaths are noted on states which have poor health care systems. But, this problem can be prevented if these states can provide easy access to premiere and top notch health care facilities. Health Care1The states which were considered to be in worst conditions share similar things. Most of them are located in the Southern part and are also considered to be part of the list of the poorest states in the nation.

Out of the 26 states which are at the bottom of the scorecard or map provided by the research firm, 16 states failed to expand their Medicaid under the Obamacare. Medicare is very important because this is one of the vital tools provided by the Obamacare so that the less fortunate ones can still gain access to good health care. However, some states would require more than just the mere expansion of Medicaid.

Hopefully, the scorecard provided by these research firms would help the worst states to take the necessary actions to make improvements to their health care systems.