Alex Gerrard’s Most Convincing Bod

good shapeStill having second thoughts about getting yourself in tip-top shape? Then maybe a look at Alex Gerrard’s sexy body can make you decide.

Exercise and strict diet have definitely paid off for Alex Gerrard who was spotted looking even sexier than ever in her blue bikini on a beach as she spend some time off with her husband in Spain.

Some photographs sure can’t tell a lie as one can’t help but look twice and admire Alex’s perfectly toned body (and that very flat stomach! ) that looked so right in that sexy blue bikini. That’s really something that can definitely convince anyone to start working out.

That perfect figure was a product of a perfect (for her) diet and exercise plan that she’s been following since 2009.

But would you believe that she also suffered from flabby fats before? According to Alex, she realized that it’s about time to start working out after seeing her unflattering bikini photos after celebrating her first wedding anniversary, ditching carbs in her diet since then.

good shape1Alex said (and I’m sure any mother will agree) that flabby fats around the stomach are the hardest to lose but with the help of the exercise regimen that she’s using hers is (obvious) gone.
Alex and Steven went to Spain to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. And judging from her amazing figure one can only imagine how hard she’d worked to achieve that bod. But it sure did work.

And did I mention that she’s a mom to three lovely girls already?

See more of the pictures of WAG Alex and their romantic getaway, with her husband Steven, on her Tweeter page.